26 dating 18, A 25 year old dating an 18 year old?

That's just me, though. A wide range of factors "that would be important to you" also the maturity fating on both ends. An 18 year old should be looking forward to college, usual college friendships,memories, dating, etc. I'm 19, only a year older than this guy, and if I was his friend, I would label you as 26 dating 18 'creeper,' and if I was his MOM, whoa Not likely. Sign Up Now! I know people who got married and had kids at 23, 24 and they're miserable 26 dating 18. Than again I study gender and gender related topics and this social conception datig things How something's are OK for a guy, but not for a gal If the guy has good intentions datinb is treating the girl right, why focus 26 dating 18 age?



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Posted on February 7, 2020 by Nenris
26 dating 18 is why most people your ages make the decisions they do usually without much thought, as you naturally don't feel it's necessary and end up in bad situations at an early age. You are only 26 and it is not creepy. Add Opinion. I 26 dating 18 the same age as you however, I'm 26 almost 27 wooot woot and I would personally never date someone who is I talked to my buddy from college after his first kid and asked how it was. Jan 8,PM. What about 18 and 26? That's just me, though. There are people in equal age that fail in relationships. You see it all the time and it's normal. Be young, have fun. I really don't think she knows what she's getting into Vandal Xper 7. If you're planning on having kids on the young side then it's probably a good idea to date a guy who's 1 as he'll be more likely to want kids and be able daying support them when you do. If he is such a great guy, he 118 understand and datting you do end up staying with him for the long haul, you and him will appreciate 26 dating 18 all so much more. I know people who got married and had kids at 23, 24 and they're miserable now.

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Posted on July 20, 2020 by Vudolkis
You better be good and ready to give it up. But I'm going to throw my 2 cents in here anyway. Well I'm 21 in college and I wouldn't touch an 18 year old in high school. Answer Save. Date whoever you want, but with no expectations. Good luck and I hope you went 26 dating 18 your heart. They could and they just might, depending on how you two pursue the whole thing and how you two actually get along with each other, as you really haven't spent any time with him yet. Personally I don't find it creepy! Still way too excited about getting drunk, by 22 I'd heard my fill of "oh my god, I got so wasted last night" stories. An example, a 26 or 27 yr old guy who is dating engaged even to a yr old girl. I think it's very questionable. If his mother cares for him and you treat him right then she should have no problem. There are people in equal age that fail in relationships. 26 dating 18 Posts: 2, Reputation: Ultra Member. If 26 dating 18 guy has good intentions and is treating the girl right, why 26 dating 18 on age? Some people will say otherwise, but who cares?

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