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First of all, if you are not a Jehovah's Witness yourself and you are dating someone who claims that THEY are, then you shouldn't really believe that claim. Not during teenage years when you're only now trying to get your life straight and figure yourself out. Trending News. In which case, you would not be able to control your emotions. Some couples arrange to have a chaperon. If a young JW dates, then they are basically doing so to get to know the person they want to dating a jehovah witness yahoo answers. We do dating a jehovah witness yahoo answers date just for fun, Fun is had in group settings. Jehovah would not support or encourage that. Parents provide update on stricken Florida hoops star. My girlfriend once slipped up after a few drinks and said she wanted me also to "serve Jehovah", which led to an almighty row.



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Show more answers 6. You don't just up and go well I want to date this girl so I'll convert. If anyone could explain some basic things to me, it would be greatly appreciated. This is mehovah something that can just be all I want to get baptized. Both during the relationship and after it ended, we had religious conflicts. They use the bible scripture to dating a jehovah witness yahoo answers basically interior the lord. Therefore, there are going to be numerous of conflicts: holidays, entertainment, husbandly submission, morality, the issue of blood, raising your child to know Jehovah, and then there is time spent. Dating is serious business, the sole purpose of which is to see if there is compatablity for marriage. Get your answers by asking now. Answer Save. Is God going to say "Here you go. If he was a wise spiritual youth he would not persue z. Due to puberty, hormones are supercharged, so when you dating a jehovah witness yahoo answers attracted to someone strongly, it can be very deceiving.

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Dating as young teens is simply illogical. Z that's how many witnesses have fallen out of the truth. If he absolutely will NOT let you meet dating a jehovah witness yahoo answers, then it sounds like he's Really not ready to date you. Since being a Jehovah's Witness, you have made a vow to Jehovah to follow all dating a jehovah witness yahoo answers commandments. Im protestant and engaged to daing Catholic and theyre not even making a big deal out of me not being baptized. You say there are times when his religion 'consumes' his life - indicating that at other times it does not. The wise jehovay would be to pray for patience and wisdom. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and I can assure you what he is doing is not approved by our faith. That was my deepest relationship ever. Believe me, if you start going to the Kingdom Hall with him, the hold his religion has on him will become much more apparent.

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Jehovah witness Dating!!!