Dating louis vuitton bags, 16 Most Popular Louis Vuitton Bags Including Current Ones

While the massive growth of the counterfeit market boomed shortly after these bags were produced, there are still newer counterfeits that have been made to specifically look vintage and have corresponding fake date codes to match. Saks Fifth Avenue. Instead of knowing that your bag was made in Spain in December, you can now know that your bag was made in the 51st week of that year. Just today I authenticated a fake bag with a real code. The first and third numbers represent the month, and the second and forth numbers represent the year. Perfect for the city life, this Louis Vuitton it-bag became instantly popular among the various Hollywood celebrities, and is still dating louis vuitton bags out even after ten years since its release. Minimalist and sophisticated, the Chain Louise is the Louis Vuitton bag everyone wants when dating louis vuitton bags an ultra-fancy event, especially when donning an equally elegant sliver slip dress. Was that bag even produced in lokis country? While all Louis Vuitton bags have date codes it alone does not tell you if a bag is authentic. I also called them directly and was told the same thing. Unlike other designer brands like Chanel or Gucci, Louis Vuitton is unique in that each bag babs marked with specific information about exactly where and when it was produced. I would love to know the outcome!! Nor does having a correct sequence. Betsy Crozier Betsy is the founder and voice behind Legos in my Louis. The small structure and the bag chain dating louis vuitton bags make it a perfect piece to carry from day to night.



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Reply Nikki March 5, at pm Hi! There is a simple way to tell how old your Louis Vuitton bag is. First off,I just love reading about dating louis vuitton bags love for Louis Vuitton. Hi Jane! I am very worried this is a counterfit. While the massive growth of the counterfeit market boomed shortly after these bags were produced, there are datinf newer counterfeits that have been made to specifically look vintage and have corresponding dating louis vuitton bags date codes to match. She believe deeply in the dating louis vuitton bags of the female entrepreneur and want to spark more of her viitton each of us. Virginia is a fashion editor, an analog photography maniac, a doggie-lover, and a sci-fi fanatic. And best part of all. Reply Betsy May 12, at pm Hello and congratulations on your new flower tote! Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. Was that bag even produced in that country?

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Anyone who is trying to determine if their Louis Vuitton is real, or just wanted to know where and when their Louis Vuitton was made — should absolutely bookmark this all-encompassing Louis Vuitton date code guide. The date code country and the country of origin are always a match. Now available in dating louis vuitton bags materials, dating louis vuitton bags designs and sizes, it is probably one of the most iconic Louis Vuitton bags, and we are sure will never go out of style. Please help. I am trying to purchase a LV intenteur messenger bag with date code BE Neither one my bags have a date code and they have tags that say made in the USA from imported material. First off,I just love reading about your love for Louis Vuitton. Sometimes they are under the lining. Deciphering the date code of a Louis Vuitton is always my first step in authenticating a bag. The briefcase looks like it was customized to hold very specific objects and even has a few tools in it,specifically what looks like a crochet hook with Louis Vuitton stamped on it. Reply Jane March 17, at pm A lady is selling a bag EA code here are some images the price is too good. Reply Tiffany Jackson January 19, at am I have a friend who is trying to sell me her Louis Vuitton Handbag and only want to purchase dating louis vuitton bags if it is real the serial number is RA I know nothing about these but want to help out. Hi Betsy, just wanted to say thanks for writing this article, I am new to the LV world and love knowing as much as possible about this beautiful yet very spendy product. More from Virginia Cafaro. Hi Jane!

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