How do i hook up a car radio in my house, Car Stereo in Home

Yes No. Method 2 of Put everything in the box and if done right should come out good. Strip a small segment of insulation from the end of a length of speaker wire, wrap the exposed speaker wire around how do i hook up a car radio in my house exposed speaker lead and use electrical tape to secure the connection. Connect the output convertor if necessary. For testing 12V battery and 5A psu should be more than enough which is what i usefor listening however you would need way more than W panel, class AB amps can draw W just by sitting idle, my 2kW ground zero amplifier draws 20W at idle and it's class D. Hook your audio source to amplifier, play test tone and turn the volume up. Use the repair manual for your car or locate a wiring diagram for your car online to aid in your efforts to identify each wire. Or for using car audio in your home, then I would suggest using a watt solar panel mounted on your roof or outside a window in the sun close by where you will be listening. Hopefully you enjoyed my first 'ible and maybe I'll make a version 2 someday. To be sure the battery is disconnected, check to see if the lights come on in the cabin of the car. Disconnect the battery.



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Reply 2 months how do i hook up a car radio in my house. Get the black ground wire from the harness and strip it and connect it upp the black from the PSU. Is there a particular amount of power the PSU should have when connected it for home use? One thing that helped me the most was isolating ground earth connection on psu. Installing a new car stereo is a great way to breathe new life into your old daily driver. Strip both of these. You will also need to cut off connectors and bundle together all 12V wires and Ground. I tried many things to do but with some amps it's just really hard to get rid of it. Car Harness From the car harness get your yellow and red wire usually its these colors Strip them about an inch down and hluse them together. There is a lot of discussion about this so i'm not gonna go there, but main difference between them is power consumption. I power it with a 12V power supply from Radio Shack. Attach the power wires to the power source. More than what i did is definitely needed.

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Cekpi7 shaolinsuresh Reply 8 months ago. You can either buy one or try to find an old one from a computer. Part 1 of Reply 10 months ago. I am working creating the ultimate ps3 desk set up to compliment my 7. Check the pin header carefully ym damage and make sure none of the pins are bent. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Checking first will prevent you from breaking off the clips and having to replace the piece of trim. Transformers aren't really good since they would require some sort of voltage stabilization since unloaded rectified voltage can jump over 16V which is max for most amps.

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DIY - How to Make a Home Stereo from a Car Stereo